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Manufacturing and Advanced Engineering

Facts & Figures

144,000 people employed in Manufacturing in Leeds City Region
7,300 businesses in Manufacturing
15,000 STEM graduates a year from the regions universities

Advanced manufacturing is the process of mass producing products on demand from raw materials or component parts using the latest technologies to maintain efficiency.

Leeds City Region has the greatest concentration of high-value manufacturers in the UK, and renowned for its scale, diversity and excellence along with a worldwide reputation for its technical and scientific capabilities in metrology, robotics, materials and the digitalisation of manufacturing.  

The UK’s National Measurement Agency has its only facility outside London here, specifically chosen in order to be close to a concentration of high value engineering firms that can benefit from the agency’s world leading research capacities.

Today’s advanced engineering and manufacturing jobs look a lot different than they did 20 years ago. Now, they’re increasingly high-tech. They blend engineering skills—like industrial design and quality control—with traditional manufacturing skills—like welding or machining.

With manufacturing being one of the largest employment sectors in West Yorkshire’s economy, take time to look at the opportunities here that can enable you to apply your skills to modern machinery, products and designs.

Are you a naturally good fit for working in manufacturing?

Communication Skills To work with team members and clients from all backgrounds, as well as follow and deliver instructions
Problem-solving and critical thinking skills To identify when certain processes are not working well and why. This includes the ability to ask questions and correct weaknesses
Computer application experience To effectively use computers that work with CAD/CAM technology, CNC machine tools, and computerized measuring machines
Analytical skills To figure out how systems work and how certain aspects of working conditions, operations, and environment may affect the outcome of projects
Mechanical and technical skills To safely operate specialized machinery such as drill presses and milling machines, as well as properly handle metalworking or other complicated processes
Manual dexterity and accuracy Is also essential for many manufacturing jobs involving hands-on production and accuracy

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