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Healthcare and Innovation

Facts & Figures

196,000 employed in health and science jobs
1/5th of all UK digital health technology jobs
4 out of 5 NHS national offices based in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is the UK’s leading centre for healthcare and innovation and an international leader in commissioning and delivering integrated health and social care services.

With four out of five NHS national offices based in Leeds, including NHS England and some of the world’s largest healthcare data platforms – NHS Spine, NHS database, Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), EMIS and TPP – its unrivalled health ecosystem provides opportunities for a wide variety of careers.

A wide range of skills and experiences are valuable to healthcare and organisations like the NHS and you are bound to have skills that you could use in a career in healthcare.

  • Caring for people: you may already be in a job where you are caring for people, whether it be the elderly or those with a disability or additional needs. Perhaps you have raised a family or you are a carer, with experience of looking after a family member or relative
  • People skills: you may have previous experience of working with people, in a caring, advisory or management role, or as part of a team
  • Knowledge of science and technology: providing direct care for patients requires a general understanding of some areas of science
  • Organising and managing: you may already work in an office or in a role that uses administrative skills. You may be supervising, leading a team or have management experience. management skills from areas such as finance, communications, IT or project management are all going to be useful in healthcare management
  • Information technology: you may already work with computers, enjoy analysing data or find satisfaction in keeping accurate records. These are skills widely valued in all areas of healthcare

Get more help identifying transferable skills from the NHS career planning here:

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